Face to face meetings with your accountant are still valuable

Cloud accounting has empowered small business owners to easily “manage the books” and do many things their accountant used to do.  In this automated world, you can be forgiven for even questioning the future for accounting professionals.

But the reality is accountants and the role we play in supporting your business remains just as relevant as ever. And thanks to the efficiencies created by popular accounting software, the opportunity for accountants and clients to work together has never been greater.

Instead of just focusing on your numbers, many accountants, including our team, offer financial health checks and valuable advice about how to run and grow your business. Sometimes we can be a sounding board for your ideas or financial aspirations and it’s times like these when face to face meetings with your accountant becomes incredibly valuable. In the long term, we become your trusted adviser and this relationship is strengthened when there are regular, personal catch-ups.

The beauty of cloud accounting is that we can help you analyse your financial data and performance in real time. This means we can identify growth opportunities using insights we glean from looking at your cash flow, pricing and other financial measures.

Cloud software has created a wonderful “virtual” accounting world but never underestimate the value of regular face-to-face meetings with us. This is when we can go over any issues and brainstorm new ideas to help your business grow.

Column pic August 28