How to change your accountant

Generally speaking, change can be challenging. We put off many things we’d like to change sometimes out of fear or because we perceive the effort involved in changing will be too great.

In these situations, the reality can often be quite different.  That’s certainly the case when you need to change your accountant.

Businesses and individuals often come to us thinking the process of getting the necessary information from their old accountant will be too costly or too much of a hassle.

They’re pleasantly surprised when we tell them switching their accounting over to us is usually just a simple two-step process.

After a new client decides they’d like to change, all they have to do is sign a document authorising us to handle their accounting needs. They may, out of courtesy, want to notify their old accountant personally. But if they don’t, we can manage the changeover process and all the formalities on their behalf.  This involves sending a letter to their former accountant instructing them to release all their files. Sometimes that means sending us all the physical files, or sometimes they can be sent electronically. Quite often, we receive a mix of both.

As soon as we receive all the information, we can begin to analyse their business or personal finances and suggest ways to improve their cash flow or bottom line.

We work alongside business owners to help them understand their numbers so they feel in full control of their future. That starts with finding the right accountant and the good news is that changing has never been easier.

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